Why Microblading?

First of all, let's talk about 'What is Microblading'? Microblading is a Semi Permanent Make-up Procedure used by cosmetic aestheticians to create beautiful eyebrows. With the use of pigment we create natural hair strokes to mimic the natural eyebrow form.

Microblading can be used for a number of reasons. Right, who remembers the 90's brow? You know, those super skinny, one hair width eyebrows that we all had? Don't lie! We ALL had them! Well those bad boys were created by OVERPLUCKING! Who doesn't love a good pluck right? But, overplucking is caused when the same hairs are plucked over and over, damaging the hair follicle, meaning it stops growing back. Now this can leave bald spots, and shapeless eyebrows where hairs just won't grow back. We have tried ALL the serums, the magic hair growth serums that swear to help your eyebrows be bold and thick in no time. And surprise surprise they don't work :( Enter... Microblading. These bald spots will be filled with natural look hair strokes to create a natural looking eyebrow and fill in all those areas that just won't grow back. Goodbye serums, creams, and all the other empty promises.... This really works and it is semi permanent so it lasts!!

Some of us weren't blessed with beautiful brows at birth. Especially those of us on the ginger side of life :| So microblading is the only answer. It can help give us the dream brows we have always wanted, without the effort, time and money wasted on products!

Lots of people have unfortunately lost their hair due to illness, and treatment. Lots of individuals are lucky enough that their hair grows back and they no longer need to worry about their brows. But some aren't so lucky, the hair may grow back thin, sparse and no existent - again microblading!

Microblading lasts between 6 -18months, then it will need to be topped up. Microblading gives you beautiful brows effortlessly. I mean who has time for drawing on eyebrows every morning? We all dream of rolling out of bed, wetting our face and running out through the door right? Perfect hair, perfect skin, and perfect brows. Ahhhhh! Well we can't promise you the perfect skin or hair, Sorry! But we CAN promise you the PERFECT dream eyebrows you have always wanted!

Sound good? Sound right up your street? Get in touch today - Get your perfect Microblading done today. Cosmetic Aesthetics really is the Answer. And once you choose Semi Permanent Make-up, once you choose Microblading you'll realise it is the best decision you have ever made!

Auburn Beauty - Microblading specialist. Anglesey.

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