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Microblading Course

Course Overview

Auburn Beauty's Microblading course is one of the leading courses in the UK, it is highly accredited and insurable for all students. 

No experience is needed for this course, and all courses will include all the pre-study needed in order to enter the world of Microblading  and become fully qualified. 


It is designed and written in a way, that ensures you are provided with all the knowledge and experience you need to start your journey into SPMU, and succeed in your chosen career.


We will provide you with the skills you need to attract clients, and the confidence you need to successfully treat them. 

Our course will offer both theory and practical elements allowing you the practical experience you required to build your confidence in the treatment, as well as all the legal and practical information needed. 


Our course comes with a luxury kit, jammed packed with everything you need to get started. 

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